India Rose’s Black-Owned Business Directory

A guide to support local businesses, and help them thrive on the Island.

Whether you are having a glorious dining experience, or enjoying the beautiful Vineyard ambiance of local retail shops, when visiting the Island there are a plethora of options to add to your itinerary. When making your must-do lists, be sure to add some local businesses from the Black-Owned Business Directory.

The Martha’s Vineyard Black-Owned Business Directory is a dynamic digital platform committed to equipping all Islanders and visitors with an easy-to-navigate listing of Black-owned businesses on Martha’s Vineyard. The directory has been curated as a one-stop shop that features where to eat, where to shop, where to stay, hair and beauty, arts and culture, event planning, private chefs and catering, realtors, home improvement, and things to do. The directory was launched in 2019 by India Rose, and has thrived ever since. Rose is an Islander in the truest sense of the word, as she has lived on Martha’s Vineyard all her life, is an alumni of Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School, and continues to flourish in the Island community with both her family and in her own entrepreneurial endeavors. Aside from being the founder of the directory, Rose is also the owner of two Island-based clothing brands, Sideline and MV Streetwear Co. She also has a background in business and nonprofit consulting, nonprofit leadership, and strategic planning.

The directory was born as a passion project for Rose, and quickly became a highly anticipated planning tool for people on Island. Over the years, Rose had been getting an increasing amount of inquiries, from locals and visitors alike, about finding and supporting Black-owned resources on Martha’s Vineyard. With this influx of interest, India soon realized that she could provide a niche service to establish the connection between Island consumers and Black-owned Island businesses.

“I created the MV Black Business Directory in 2019 to connect the Black Business community to the people who were looking for them,” Rose says. “The Island has a rich Black history, and it is important to support our diverse community to help ensure that these businesses, most of them seasonal, are able to reopen their doors each spring and thrive.”

An article from titled “Black Entrepreneurs Breaking Barriers” says, “When we support Black-owned businesses, we are investing in the success and prosperity of our communities. By consciously choosing to patronize Black-owned businesses, we can help create a more equitable and inclusive economy that benefits everyone…While progress has been made, the fight for equality in entrepreneurship is far from over. Black entrepreneurs continue to face unique challenges and barriers that can hinder our success… It is essential for individuals, communities, and policymakers to come together and support Black entrepreneurs of all kinds, ensuring that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed.”

As a person of color born and raised on the Island, Rose wanted to provide a tangible resource for the community. The directory, she says, has exploded in a way that she did not expect, and continues to consistently grow in value and desirability each year. It has even been labeled as a “collectors’ item,” and used in many rental property homes as a guide for visiting guests. In our recent interview, Rose expressed how proud she was to have her index compared to one of the most influential directories in history.

“This directory has gotten incredible feedback over the past five years, and has even had the honor of being compared to ‘The Negro Motorist Green Book,’” Rose says.

The “Green Book,” written by Victor Hugo Green, was published in 1936, and was one of the original guidebooks for African Americans traveling across the U.S. during the Jim Crow era and a pivotal piece of history.

Rose says that she hopes the directory continues into the future, leaving a legacy long after she is gone. But more importantly, she hopes that it continues to spread awareness and continues to drive consumers to businesses of color, giving them access to more opportunities.

We encourage you to check out the lively Black Business Directory index and to support Black-owned enterprises that help the Island economy thrive. This catalog is readily available online at, to download, print, and be used as a guide and planning tool for all who are on the illustrious Island of Martha’s Vineyard.