More than just a one-stop shop

Alley’s General Store has all you need for a sun-filled day on the Island.

Alley’s General Store is an iconic Island staple. It opened its doors in 1858, making it the Island’s oldest continuously operating retail business. That alone is a great reason to stop by. Their tag line, “Dealers in almost everything,” is true — this store has everything you could need, from fancy cheese to hammers and a cup of joe. By the square foot, the space is not large, but it’s used wisely. The store is organized in a way that makes it easy to navigate for necessities and explore for enjoyment.

This is a great stop on your way to the beach, before a hike up-Island, or to shop for knickknacks. The store holds value in stocking its shelves with necessities, along with things that you don’t need, but really want.

Hosting a dinner party? They have everything you’d need, other than the wine. Pasta, sauce, an array of cheeses and crackers, right down to the cocktail mixers, entertainment napkins, and games for kids and adults too.

Headed to the beach? Beach towels, bags, Frisbees, sunscreen, cold drinks, sunglasses, and a bag of chips are easy to grab on your way.

Forgot something? They might not sell your favorite brand of toothpaste, but they sell the staples without the trip down-Island: kitty litter, dog treats, sponges, dish soap, personal hygiene products, and hardware and tools, just to name a few.

The staff is friendly and incredibly helpful. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask. They accept cash and credit cards. With street parking out front and additional parking around back, the hardest part about your visit will be deciding what not to buy.

While you’re in the neighborhood, some other nearby visitor stops are the Field Gallery, the Allen Whiting Gallery, Polly Hill Arboretum, the Grange Hall, Misty Meadows, and 7A Foods. Also make sure to check out the bulletin board outside the store to see some timely events and happenings around the Island.

Alley’s is more than just a general store, it’s a Martha’s Vineyard landmark you’ll have to check out, and don’t forget to grab a sweet treat on your way out. Or as the locals do, grab a cup of coffee and newspaper, and sit on the porch.

Alley’s General Store is located at 1045 State Road in West Tisbury. Call 508-693-0088 for current hours.