Mermaid Farm and Dairy

Mermaid Farm cows, Middle Road, Chilmark.

9 Middle Road, Chilmark 02535

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Products include

Meat, seasonal vegetables, raw milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs, yarn

Sales locations

Self-serve farmstand, dawn to dusk, year-round

West Tisbury Farmers Market, every Saturday, summer and winter


Mermaid Farm started as a large vegetable garden selling surplus tomatoes and salad greens by the side of the road. There were cows, sheep, chickens, a raspberry patch and a couple of greenhouses full of tomatoes and other interesting plants. The fauna part of the farm now supplies meat, raw milk, yogurt, lassi yogurt drinks and cheese. The flora part of the farm supplies tomatoes, garlic, peppermint and pea shoots, along with other eclectic vegetables. The farm now employs a cheesemaker.


Caitlin Jones and Allan Healy established their farm on Middle Road in the mid 1990s. They began simply, with tomatoes their specially. As their family grew so did production on the farm. In 2002, Allan purchased two milk cows to start a raw milk dairy. Produce is still a part of their farm stand offerings, however they are most known for their tasty raw milk, cream-line yogurt, mango lassies, and a variety of cheeses. They also offer lamb, whey-fed pork, beef and eggs. They farm additional leased pastures, hay fields, and a vegetable plot offsite. Caitlin is transitioning the 2 front fields at the farm into experimental perennial crops, so stay tuned. Sometimes quirky and unconventional, both Allan and Caitlin take a low impact, resourceful approach to farm production.

Further Information

Offers occasional educational programs

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