Child Farm West

Photo by Kelsey Perrett

No Farms, No Food…or view for that matter.

Child Farm West has some nice walking trails, but mostly the Land Bank purchased the agricultural restriction on the land to keep it open for farming and keep Lambert’s Cove Road looking good.

From the Land Bank’s description:

Portions of the upper end of the Lamberts Cove Road were farmland in the recent past; the Land Bank sought to continue this history here by purchasing an agricultural preservation restriction over a roadside field and its adjoining backland.

Getting there: Look for the sign on Lambert’s Cove Road .3 miles in from the upper end.

About the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank:

Alarmed that the rural and relaxed nature of the Island was being lost to under-regulated development, voters in the six towns of Martha’s Vineyard created an Island-wide land bank in 1986. Funded by a 2% surcharge on most real estate transactions, the Land Bank’s mission is to protect and manage open space, and increase public access to beaches and trails. As of 2013, the Land Bank has conserved more than 3,000 acres, spread among nearly seventy properties. For more information, visit the official Land Bank Website. Also, be sure to check out their cool map