Tiasquam Valley Reservation

Lo, the Mighty Tiasquam

This is a really cool preserve that links all the way to the Waskosim’s Rock Preserve, meaning walkers and mountain bikers can make their way from North Road to Middle Road or the reverse.

From the Land Bank’s description: Two streams — the Mill Brook and the Tiasquam River — flow out of Chilmark and unite in West Tisbury to feed the Tisbury Great Pond. In the 1980s and 1990s the land bank made a series of significant investments in the Mill Brook valley, chief among them the Waskosim’s Rock Reservation and the Square Field. By 2000 opportunities were opening up in the Tiasquam valley; Tea Lane Farm resulted, as did the Tiasquam Valley Reservation. The reservation ranges from the river itself, surrounded by its swamps, up to a ridge some 175 feet above sea level and oriented out toward Tuckernuck Island.

Getting there: .2 miles into Chilmark from West Tisbury on the Middle road there’s a driveway on the right.

For more information, visit the official Land Bank Website.  Also, be sure to check out their cool map.