Edgartown’s Espresso Love offers good food and good vibes

The Love Salad, $7.99, with grilled chicken added for $3 more.

Making my way down Main Street in Edgartown, I took a quick turn onto Church Street, where I was to meet up with Gabrielle, the Martha’s Vineyard Times photo editor. Happy yet famished, Gabrielle and I headed into the quaint café, Espresso Love. Once inside, the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans had me looking over the “café classics” beverage menu, wondering, hot or cold?

For my hot choice, I could elect what seemed the finest offerings of Europe with a small Vienna Latte ($4.49), a medium Cafe Au Lait ($3.75), or a large Spanish Latte ($5.49). For the cold options, frosty novelties such as a medium Iced Mocha ($5.25) and the large Thai Iced Coffee ($5.49) drew my attention, but none came quite as close to satisfying my caffeine needs as the Frozen Mocha Cappuccino ($5.50), which also comes in mint chocolate chip, caramel mocha, white chocolate, and nutty steve (a splendiferous mixture of mocha and hazelnut). Gabrielle chose to go for the Berry Fruit Smoothie with orange juice ($7).

A mocha frozen cappuccino, $5.50 (medium), $5.99 (large).

With drinks in tow, a hearty meal was ordered. Among the mouthwatering choices was one that reminded me of simpler times: the Chilmark sandwich ($9.99), which combines grilled chicken, Havarti cheese, basil pesto, and lettuce and tomato, all held together with a toasted ciabatta.

For Gabrielle, the Love Salad ($7.99) was her choice. The salad puts apples, goat cheese, and toasted walnuts upon a base of mixed greens. Gabrielle opted to add grilled chicken ($3). The salad also comes with a tangy raspberry vinaigrette. For those with adventurous taste buds, try dipping the Chilmark in the raspberry vinaigrette for a flavor quite unlike any other.

With our drinks and meals made and ready to devour, we stepped outside to the café’s relaxing outdoor seating, where birds singing songs of spring could be heard along the patio.

Filip Pekic, one of the talented baristas at Espresso Love who took my order, told me, “Everything is homemade and prepared here. Always fresh, always clean.”

Pekic also described a favorite among the regulars: the Famous Blueberry Scone. Rich in flavor and bursting with ripe berries, the scone is made early each morning, and quickly sells out.

With a superb selection of soups, salads, and sandwiches, a masterfully crafted coffee menu, and even specialized catering, Espresso Love is the place to stop in Edgartown for a quick bite and excellent coffee.

Espresso Love, 17 Church St., Edgartown, is open 6:30 am to 8 pm daily. For more information, call 508-627-9211 or visit espressolove.com.

This story by Brian Dowd originally appeared on mvtimes.com