Looking to buy a home in Edgartown? Here’s a cheat sheet

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Buying a new Martha’s Vineyard home can be intimidating, especially if you’re not aware of all of your options. To start you on your path with confidence, our friends at Martha’s Vineyard Buyer Agents have compiled a list of helpful tips when considering a new home in Edgartown.

In Edgartown, the region’s history as a whaling center remains at the forefront through its iconic properties and gorgeous landscape. Many of the homes were specially built for sea captains and their families, which gives their new owners a glimpse into the past. The local landscape runs along the waterfront and continues to act as a cozy home to box turtles, songbirds and other interesting creatures. These features make houses for sale Edgartown a hot commodity on the local real estate market year-round. With a little luck, and plenty of know-how, you can acquire a full-time residence or vacation home in this region. Utilize this ultimate cheat sheet to find and acquire your perfect property in this popular area on Martha’s Vineyard.

Consider Single and Multi-Family Home Designs

You will need to choose between single and multi-family homes during the initial phases of your Edgartown property search. High-end single family homes dominate the landscape across the waterfront, though there are several upscale condominium communities along that stretch. Although single family dwellings offer complete privacy, many people prefer the close community atmosphere found while living in a condo. You must reflect on your own needs and desires to determine which home style will work best for you.

Weigh the Virtues of Inland and Waterfront Properties

Although the northern and southern edges of Edgartown run along the waterfront, the remainder of its 122 square miles features inland properties. If you enjoy spending all your free time on the beach, then the waterfront is a clear choice and you’ll want to seek out waterfront homes for sale in Edgartown.  For individuals who love the townscape and forest, however, inland properties might be a better choice. Inland properties are also closer to the local airport, which streamlines the travel process if you frequently need to travel off Martha’s Vineyard.

Acquire Support from a Buyer’s Agent

Even if you have the knowledge and skills to find and acquire properties on your own, you may benefit from partnering up with a buyer’s agent. These real estate professionals have direct access to property listings as they hit the market. Since moving fast is a necessity in a hot market, your buyer’s agent will be a great asset during your search for houses for sale in Edgartown. Furthermore, while working with an agent, you never have to guess on how to best negotiate a price and buying terms on a property you love.

Check the Listings Hourly for New Opportunities

Homes in highly popular neighborhoods across Edgartown often sell within days of hitting the market. If the sellers are reviewing offers as they come in, you have the best chance at winning the bid by checking for listings hourly. With an hourly search, you are always aware of the available properties that meet your exact specifications. You can contact your buyer’s agent to schedule a showing the second the property appears on the search page.

Be Prepared to Offer Above the Asking Price

Going in hot and offering above the asking price can help prevent the loss of your dream property to another bidder. You may also up the ante by increasing the down payment or removing inspection contingencies. You should work closely with your buyer’s agent to determine the best tactics to utilize during the negotiations phase. Your buyer agent will utilize market trends and other metrics to help you approach the bidding process in a smart, safe manner that achieves great results.

When you take these methods into account, you give yourself the best chance to find and acquire your perfect inland or waterfront homes for sale Edgartown. If you would like dedicated support throughout this process, contact the team at Martha’s Vineyard Buyer Agents for assistance.

The best way to ensure that your home-buying process is a confident one is to find a real estate professional who will guide you through every aspect of the transaction. Contact a team member from Martha’s Vineyard Buyer Agents to begin your real estate journey.