Build your own lunch at Mad Martha’s Giant Grinders

Italian grinder on a sub roll.

Italian grinder on a sub roll at Mad Martha’s Giant Grinders. Photo by Stacey Rupolo. 

A new spot on Circuit Avenue is making one of life’s greatest gifts more accessible — a quick sandwich to go. In the space previously used by Skinny’s Fat Sandwiches, Mad Martha’s Giant Grinders is providing people with their latest lunch break go-to. Everyone knows making a sandwich is an art form, and Mad Martha’s lets the customer be the creator.

Step one: Pick your meat. The chalkboard menu lists turkey, chicken, roast beef, Italian, and steak and cheese. Grinders start at $12.

Step two: Pick your bread. The bread is the canvas on which any sandwich comes alive. Choose between a sub roll, wheat, country white, rye, sourdough, or a wrap.

Mad Martha’s is serving up sandwiches in addition to their homemade ice cream.

Step three: Mayo options. Not everyone is a mayo person, but if it’s flavored, it’s a different story. In addition to plain, Mad Martha’s lists cranberry, horseradish, and garlic as mayo spread options. Mustard is also available for a small surcharge.

Step four: Cheese. The ingredient that can take any lunch from good to great. Choose from American, Cheddar, provolone, or Swiss.

Step five: Toppings. For the crunch and burst of flavor to add that final touch, choose among lettuce, onion, tomato, pickles, and hot pepper relish.

The result is a mile-high sandwich and a first bite that’ll test an any-size open mouth. Sit down at the counter or at one of the high-top tables by the window. Customers can even pop next door to the ice cream side of Mad Martha’s for more seating, and maybe a couple of post-sandwich scoops for dessert. Mad Martha’s has been serving homemade ice cream on Martha’s Vineyard since 1971.

Mad Martha’s Giant Grinders opened just last week, and they’re still tinkering with the menu to accommodate the vegetarian crowd. Stop in and see what’s new over the coming weeks, or bask in what’s available now.


Mad Martha’s Giant Grinders is open every day from 9 am to 6 pm.