New shops open on Martha’s Vineyard

Sleek MV comes to downtown Vineyard Haven.

The summer is in full swing, and all the new storefronts are ready for the rush. Vineyard Haven, Oak Bluffs, and Edgartown are the retail go-to’s on Martha’s Vineyard, and they all round each other out in terms of options and variety. When making the shopping rounds be sure to hit the new shops in town.


Magnetic North, Vineyard Haven

Located on Beach Street next to the Chamber of Commerce is a store that’s bringing something new to Vineyard Haven. Magnetic North is a retail store and a cafe. The entrance opens into a spacious room lined with fresh displays of clothing and household decor. Shop owner Maggie Towles said the store is inspired by the two places she lives — New York and Massachusetts, so she wanted to bring in a little of both. The store has a preppy, nautical style and city sophistication, with a casual, seaside flair. The back of the shop is a bar that sells coffee and pastries from Behind the Bookstore, a restaurant based in Edgartown. “I was thinking about what I wanted in Vineyard Haven,” Ms. Towles said. “And that’s a good cup of coffee.” The shop name was inspired by Ms. Towles’ first name, Maggie, and the gravitational pull of a compass.


Island Puff and Pass, Vineyard Haven

Island Puff and Pass is a new venture that sells glass pieces and other marijuana and tobacco accessories. Glass-encased pipes, papers, and merchandise are among the products that can be purchased. Shop owner Kyle Byrne supports local glassblowers and intends to auction off pipes and donate the proceeds to cancer research. Mr. Byrne has a background in medical marijuana growing, and said that he hopes to educate people on responsible cannabis use.


TownPool, Vineyard Haven

TownPool is an interactive shopping experience in the former digs of Bunch of Grapes bookstore. The shop features three secrets: a painting that moves, a zero-gravity room, and a wall of rubber ducks. “Because retail’s gotta be fun,” store owner Sean Dew said. The shop sells men’s and women’s clothing, as well as bags, shoes, watches, and a number of brands. Mr. Dew and his partner Luke Gutelius came up with TownPool, which originated on Nantucket and has pop-ups in Boston. The name came from fond memories at community town pools — an inclusive gathering space. “Even if you don’t buy something, you’ll still remember your experience here,” Mr. Dew said.


Sleek MV, Vineyard Haven

Sleek MV is a new Bohemian beach clothing boutique tucked behind the Beach House Gift Shop on Main Street. It’s a small room with a fresh feel, beautiful art, and Island handmade jewelry.


Sea Bags, Oak Bluffs

Circuit Avenue has a fresh retail storefront called Sea Bags, which is based out of Portland, Maine. Sea Bags carries handmade totes, bags, and accessories recycled from old sails. The store’s sail-trade program encourages people to bring in their old sails in exchange for something in the shop.


Charleston Shoe Co., Edgartown

Charleston shoes are comfort inspired.

Flatter your feet at this new shoe store based out of Charleston, S.C., in their new space in the heart of Edgartown. The handmade, machine-washable sandals are designed for comfort and fashion, and come in more colors and styles than you can imagine. The girls at Charleston Shoe Co. all rock the shoes, and swear by the fact that they can comfortably stay on their feet for their eight- to 10-hour shifts. “From cobblestones to cocktails,” retail associate Elizabeth Gormley said.


Rosewater Wine & Spirits, Edgartown

Rosewater Wine & Spirits opened in Edgartown as an extension of its sister store, Rosewater Market, which opened in 2015. It sells beer, wine, and spirits, and is open from 10 am to 11 pm every day.


Salte, Edgartown

Home decor display at Salte in Edgartown.

Salte is a new lifestyle and home living shop. It sells tasteful home decor and beach products, and is the sister store of Slate, which is a fashion and wellness boutique up the street. Salte is the perfect place to stock up on this season’s unique summer finds.


Edgar, Edgartown

Edgar is a small clothing and accessory shop for men and women, located next to Kelley House. It opened last August, and this is their first summer in full swing. Browse their assortment of swimsuits, dresses, casual wear, and shoes that you can’t find anywhere else.