Cozy up to the bar (food) at the Grill on Main

Cold winter weather on Martha’s Vineyard makes us crave hearty, comforting foods: hot soup, cheesy pasta, savory braises. Snow and freezing temperatures make us forget about our beach bodies and dive into this delicious, calorie-laden land. Executive Chef Tony Saccoccia of the Grill on Main is catering to those comforts with his new bar menu.

As you saddle up at the cozy bar this time of year, you’ll see patrons enjoying the two-for-one entrée specials, or the delicious prix fixe menu offered nightly. The new bar menu is a collection of comfort food favorites, where you can indulge in the creamiest buttery baked macaroni and cheese with grilled shrimp ($16.95), or try the housemade chili with cheddar and grilled cornbread ($14.95). The chili is one way to start the night, since Chef Tony cooks it for about three or four hours on the stovetop, to gently and slowly bring out all the flavors of the spices and vegetables. His secret? Adding finely minced green peppers at the end for brightness and crunch. You also can’t go wrong with the ultimate comfort food: macaroni and cheese. This version is cooked cavatappi pasta drenched in a butter-infused cheese sauce and dotted with charred, grilled shrimp. 

The Chicken Parm Sandwich from the Grill on Main.
The Chicken Parm Sandwich from the Grill on Main.

The Grill on Main is not the typical crowded Edgartown restaurant, where you’ll have to wait for a table even in January. With the new bar menu, it is serving more casual offerings — because sometimes people just want to grab a bite and get back home to cuddle under the covers! That casual fare includes Grilled Fenway Chili Dogs and Fries ($15.95) and a Chicken Parm Sandwich with Whole Milk Mozzarella and Marinara ($12.95).

If you’re looking for something special, try the Mojo Grill Chicken Breast Sandwich with Pepper Jelly, Cheddar Cheese, and Crispy Bacon and fries ($12.95). The use of pepper jelly is reminiscent of the New Orleans food scene, where you see this condiment used in all shapes and forms. Plus, the sweet jelly balances out the savoriness of the chicken sandwich, making it the perfect balance.

The Grill on Main is open daily from 5:30 pm until 9 pm, and is located on 227 Upper Main Street, Edgartown.