Wedding: Jesse Nicholson and Megan Willey


Megan and Jesse got married on September 14, 2013, at Flat Point Farm in West Tisbury.

Having both grown up on Martha’s Vineyard but in different towns, naturally Jesse and Megan met during high school, but didn’t start dating until their senior year.

“We met in high school and were generally in the same group of friends,” recalled Megan. “He was always the class clown and started a series of pranks with my best friend during our senior year, which I became involved in. He stole her books, we toilet papered his car….not the classiest flirting, but eventually we started to spend more time together, leading to a New Year’s kiss.

“We started to date after that and despite some challenges as we tried to figure out our ‘grown up’ lives, remained close and connected ever since. Eight years later, Jesse proposed in 2011 while we were visiting our families on the Vineyard.

“We decided to go kayaking and he took me to a very sentimental area of the Island for both of us, off the beaches of East Chop where we share memories of each of our fathers that both passed away in recent years. We took a break to enjoy the weather and talk about our dads when he pulled a ring out of his pocket – very risk on the open waters – and asked me to marry him. As we kayaked back to the beach, we arrived to a surprise picnic with our close family. It was perfect.” -Megan


Photo by Ashley Tilton Photography
Photo by Ashley Tilton Photography

Megan and Jesse’s vendors:

Photo by Ashley Tilton Photography
Photo by Ashley Tilton Photography

Q&A with the bride:

What is one piece of advice you’d give your friends who are planning a wedding on Martha’s Vineyard?

It’s expensive! Give yourself plenty of time to research options and talk with vendors if you’re working within a budget.

What was your worst Bridezilla moment?

There was a lot of back and forth about hiring a band or finding a cheaper option. In the end, I won, and it was worth it – the band creates such an intimate atmosphere, which, in the end is what we really wanted.

Is there anything you regret splurging on?

No regrets!

Is there anything you think you spent too much money or time on?

Taking pictures. We love our pictures, but felt like we missed some of the reception time taking them.

What was your favorite part of the big day?

That is a hard one. The ceremony was incredible and captured our relationship so well. We wrote most of it, and our celebrant [the bride’s uncle] added a few special and heart warming surprises. We also loved dancing all night with all of our family and friends from all of the different parts of our lives. It’s amazing and humbling to have all the people you love celebrating with you in one place.