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    West Tisbury

    West Tisbury is the most agricultural feeling of the six towns on the Island, with working farms surrounded by stone walls, a big farmer’s market, the Ag Fair; and a town center that consists of a library, a gas station, a sandwich shop, and a general store. Though it may not feel like it, the saltwater is never far away, along with miles of walking and biking trails.

    You’ll also find some renowned art galleries and restaurants in West Tisbury, and a grocery store where you can stock up on your way to the beach.

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    Quick Tips

    • Getting Around: The paved bike paths of down Island pretty much end in West Tisbury. That doesn’t mean you can’t get around via bike, you’ll just have to do so with the traffic. There are centralized VTA bus stops across from Alley’s General Store, and at Cronig’s Market, but the bus will pick you up or drop you off anywhere you request. Getting around by car is the norm. You won’t find any rental shops up here though, and you may have to wait a while for a taxi to come your way.
    • Where to Stay:West Tisbury has a lot of land, and a lot of vacation rentals. It doesn’t have a lot of actual hotels. There are some B&B’s, or the classy and delicious Lambert’s Cove Farm Inn and Restaurant. West Tisbury also has a Youth Hostel, which was one aimed at young folks on a budget, but we’ll leave the words “young” and “budget” open to interpretation.
    • Shopping & Essentials: Over the years, West Tisbury has developed two sort-of town “centers.” The first revolves around the up-Island Cronig’s Market, and that’s the best spot to get any groceries you need in West Tisbury. You’ll find an ATM there, another bank across the street, a post office, and a pharmacy right next door. The true West Tisbury town center is grounded by Alley’s General Store (ATM inside). You’ll also find the library and 7a Foods nearby. If it’s a Wednesday or Saturday, stroll down the street a few yards to the Farmers’ Market.