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    There’s no shame in saying it: Edgartown is the preppiest of our towns, arguably the only one in which you might find yourself in the company of gentlemen in jackets and ties. Formerly one of the epicenters of the global whaling industry, the center of Edgartown is full of exquisitely maintained captains’ homes, along with some great restaurants with lively bars, lots of shopping, and a harbor full of classic yachts and sport fishing boats.

    Edgartown is much more than just the town center, however: the island of Chappaquiddick and the area known as Katama are worlds of their own.

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    Quick Tips

    • Getting Around: Edgartown can be one of the trickier towns to navigate on Martha’s Vineyard. First off, be aware that the island of Chappaquiddick, although it is part of Edgartown, is only accessible by the Chappy Ferry: a little boat that carries about three cars and a handful of people at a time across the 527 foot span of harbor. Chappaquiddick is very sandy though, so the best way to see it is via a four wheel drive vehicle, or bicycle. The downtown section of Edgartown has a lot of one way streets, parking is hard to come by, and the roads are narrow, so exercise caution. The good news is many of the shops and restaurants are clustered close together, so once you arrive in Edgartown, you can easily walk from point A to point B.
    • Where to Stay: An expansive hotel overlooking the harbor and lighthouse, a quaint B&B, an allegedly haunted old mansion…for history, culture, and just plain luxury, Edgartown is a great home base for your Vineyard vacation.
    • Shopping & Essentials: Essentials in Edgartown are concentrated in three main areas: The Triangle at Beach Road and Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road, Downtown (Main Street), and the Airport business park, where you’ll find a Mobile station/convenience store/ATM, and couple of restaurants, and a liquor store. Don’t forget the Katama General Store if you’re headed towards South Beach!