Wednesday, April 17, 2024

    Detente’s decade

    Dreams do come true.

    The chef’s story: Merrick Carreiro of Little House Cafe

    Merrick owns the restaurant with Jenik Munafo and Hocine Khelalfa.

    Chef’s Story: Tony Saccoccia at The Grill on Main

    The most spectacular thing was when President Bill Clinton came into my old restaurant. I don’t remember another night like that in my career. We found out he was coming only thirty-five minutes before. It was September and he came in late in the evening, so we didn’t have to close the restaurant. He ate warm goat cheese stuffed Anaheim peppers.

    The chef’s story: Danny Finger of Lucky Hank’s

    He started cooking professionally at age 14, at a little barbecue restaurant in Virginia.

    The chef’s story: Justin Melnick of The Terrace

    Mr. Melnick began working in restaurants at age 15 in Amherst. Now he is head chef at The Terrace in Edgartown.

    Eat & Drink

    From take-out cafes along the harbors to bistros and restaurants, Martha’s Vineyard really has something for everybody.