Let’s talk tacos

You’ll be asking for Dos Mas of everything.

You don’t have to wait for Taco Tuesday to roll around to enjoy a fun time out with your friends or family at Dos Mas in Oak Bluffs.

There are all sorts of spots to sample on Circuit Avenue, but the compact-yet-cozy Mexican restaurant is a must-try, and it’s open all year.

I’ve recently frequented the taco joint on weekend evenings when I feel the urge to get out of the house to meet up with friends. It’s a nice place to seek solace from the overly familiar, and the warm and carefree staff make the experience that much more enjoyable.

After my third or fourth time going to Dos Mas, I began to understand why the atmosphere inside feels so friendly and lighthearted. The three owners, brothers Zared Shai and Evan Shai, along with their father Raphael Shai, can often be found laughing and joking with staff and customers. It’s always pleasant to see a family-owned and -operated business in this day and age.

The Shai family started out in Edgartown with Taco MV (formerly Backyard Taco), and during the summer of 2019 decided they would try their luck with a second location. With this move, Dos Mas was born. Now, it’s becoming a staple in Oak Bluffs, especially with those who are year-rounders.

Although I often load up on takeout from Dos Mas and watch Netflix while chowing down on some nachos, I have a routine when I go to the restaurant — I always sit at the bar (pleasant conversation with bar staff and the possible quip from Raphael). Having sampled almost the entire menu, I’ve zeroed in on the steak bowl substitute for the taco ($7 for a regular steak taco and an extra $5 to turn it into a bowl). This sizable serving of chopped flank steak and rice comes with cheese, salsa verde, pico de gallo, and smooth crema. My friend that I often go with usually gets the seasoned beef bowl (same price) with Mexican cheese instead of crema.

The bowl is my go-to meal, but the crispy quesadillas at Dos Mas are also a hit. A beef quesadilla ($14) comes with pickled jalapeños, red crushed chili, fresh pico, and crema. Sometimes I sit at the bar and just feel like having a couple of drinks and a light bite with my buddy, so I grab a plate of the specialty chips. The meat option comes with beef ($13), but the short rib substitution is also a great option. Mango salsa adds a welcome zest to the substantial drizzle of crema over the top, and the portion sizes have never disappointed me.

Until very recently, I didn’t even really know what yuca was, and to my knowledge, I had never tried it. All I can say is I am a fan after trying the yuca fries ($8) at Dos Mas. They’re topped with crema and Mexican cheese, and they make for a more mild intermission when working on a pile of spicy chicken wings (which are also worth trying).

Get six wings for $11, and choose from Old Bay, house dry rub, barbecue, or buffalo. The only ones I’ve tried are the buffalo — it’s my favorite wing flavor. I wonder if the “Balmer” folks would be impressed with their Old Bay. To cool your mouth off from the spicy buffalo, my advice would be to try a slice of the key lime pie ($11), with a dollop of sweet cream on top and a crumbly graham cracker crust.

Next time you’re walking down Circuit Avenue and want to enjoy some tasty food, welcoming staff, a laid-back vibe, and maybe a couple of margaritas, stop in at Dos Mas.

Dos Mas, 50 Circuit Ave. in Oak Bluffs. Visit dosmasmv.com to see the menu and order online, or call 508-687-9271 to make an order.