Breezy Pines Farm

Customers at the West Tisbury Farmers Market select from a variety of goods made from farm-grown herbs from Breezy Pines Farm. — Lisa Vanderhoop

Eat Local? Heck we Annoint Local…

Veggies, eggs and flowers in season.  Also a wide variety of locally produced ointments, creams, and hair care products.

From their Website: Established in 1964 & located on the beautiful island of Martha’s Vineyard, Breezy Pines Farm is in it’s thirteenth year of operation as a biodynamic vegetable and herb farm. Growing heirloom varieties of head lettuce, tomatoes and root crops-Breezy Pines Farm is best known for their antique Carrots, Edamame, Asian greens, sweet potatoes and rare medicinal and culinary herbs. Breezy Pines Farm is an avid contributor to the Seed Savers of America and United Plant Savers using portions of the farm gardens for propagation of endangered American crops. Stewards of the Earth, Breezy Pines Farm works hard to help sustain and revitalize for the future generations to come.

Our farm produce can be found at Cronigs market, Fiddlehead Farm Market & the Tisbury Farm Market. Our unique heirloom vegetables and herbs can be found on the menus at: 7 A Foods, Side Car Cafe, Lambert’s Cove Inn & at Zephyrus on the island of Martha’s Vineyard.

Open Sundays and Mondays 8-6.  Also at the Wednesday West Tisbury Farmer’s Market.  In August there are tours, chicken feeding extravaganzas, and a camp for children.  Call Travis and Heather Thurber for more information at 508-693-9573.

164 Tiah’s Cove Road in West Tisbury