Wilfrid’s Pond Preserve

VH Hideaway

In the most beach-deprived town on the Island, this five acre hideaway on the north shore is a closely guarded secret by aficionados. It’s not just jealousy, it’s that there is hardly any parking there. If it’s full, you can head on to Lake Tashmoo.

Good for fishing, swimming, and wildlife watching around the pond.

From the Land Bank‘s description:

Coastal ponds, separated from the sea by barrier beaches, are some of the Vineyard’s most appealing places. For wildlife, groundwater, aesthetic and other reasons, the Land Bank favors reducing the number of houses built around these ponds. The Land Bank does not own Wilfrid’s Pond itself, but the preserve which it has created adjacent to it will help protect the pond’s integrity. Visitors will note the relatively high dune and the austere beach, which enjoys views from Cuttyhunk to Mashpee.

Getting there:

Start at the intersection of Franklin Street and Daggett Avenue. Travel on Daggett Avenue in the direction of Lake Tashmoo for 0.5 miles; turn right onto the second dirt road, which is the Herring Creek Road. It is long; follow it for 0.8 miles to the Land Bank logo sign, which is located on the right at the driveway entrance. Parking and access are limited and visitors may have to be turned away; please have an alternate destination in mind if you are planning a trip to this property.