Christiantown Woods Preserve & Indian Burial Ground

Photo by Susie Safford

Acquired in 1986 the 8.6 acre Christiantown Woods Preserve was one of the first acquisitions of the brand new Land Bank. Though there are lovely woodland trails on the property that are open to walking, mountain biking, or horseback riding, the primary impetus for preserving the site is historic. The Mayhew Chapel and the Wampanoag Burial Ground are preserved by the Wampanoag Tribe of Aquinnah and date back to the earliest days of European presence on the Island.

From the Land Bank’s description:

Acquired so that the background of the Christiantown chapel would not be spoiled by houses, this property — plus the chapel and the nearby Wampanoag burial ground — won a “special places” designation from the Commonwealth.

Getting there: Head up the Christiantown Road. The trailhead is just past the old chapel.

For more information, visit the official Land Bank Website. Also, be sure to check out their cool map.