Wakeman Center and Cranberry Acres

The Wakeman Center is the home for several of the most important conservation organizations on the Island, including the Vineyard Conservation Society and the Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation. The adjacent Cranberry Acres project has a public walking path that circles some of the ponds relating to the ongoing cranberry bog restoration. This area, formerly a defunct campground, was purchased by VOLF in 1983. Of the 8 house sites created one was contributed by VOLF for the Mary P. Wakeman Conservation Center. An additional adjacent property was subsequently purchased by the Wakeman Center to be used as an annex. The VOLF owned conservation land preserves a cranberry bog and three ponds. VOLF is actively working to restore the bog (see conceptual plan below) to organic production. There is a public walking trail around the large pond. Parking is available at the Wakeman Center 1 mile up from the lower end of the Lambert’s Cove Road in Tisbury.

“Visions of Cranberries” from the MVTimes Archive