Tea Lane Farm

All Ye Followers of the Heliodaemonic…

Whatever that means, but if the Land Bank says it’s there, trust us, it’s there. “Atop the hillock,” no less. If you know what it means, by all means let us know if it’s contagious. Meanwhile, there are great stone walls and pasture trails in there.

From the Land Bank’s description: Tea Lane Farm is the quintessential up-Island farm. The fields roll high and low; a dry hilltop drops rapidly into a broad swamp along the Tiasquam River. The farmstead itself was purchased by the town of Chilmark, while the Land Bank acquired the balance of the land surrounding it. Trails lie against the edges of the fields, with the exception of the heliodaemonic cross-pasture path atop the hillock. The town’s goal is to create, in time and in conjunction with the Land Bank, a working farm here.