Little Beach

My, what a Lovely Neck You Have…

Sheriff’s Meadow Says:

As least as long as terns and piping plovers are nesting at Little Beach, dogs are currently prohibited from this property. The sweeping, sandy spit that makes Little Beach also creates Eel Pond. The 20.1 acre property on Nantucket Sound is conserved because Robert and Josephine Brown generously donated the land to Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation. Little beach hosts a number of birds that are listed as threatened, endangered or of special concern in Massachusetts, including the roseate tern, common tern, least tern and the piping plover. The public is welcome and invited to enjoy Little Beach for walking, beachcombing, birdwatching, angling and swimming in Nantucket Sound. Little Beach is easily accessed via Fuller Street Beach, to which it directly connects.