From lemon drop cookies to breakfast burritos, the Scottish Bakehouse delights

Cookies from the Scottish Bakehouse.

It’s been six years since I last stepped into the Scottish Bakehouse. It was my first summer here, and I was wandering around Vineyard Haven, riding my bike with no rhyme or reason, ending up at the Bakehouse right around lunchtime. I was just as hungry back then as I am nowadays, so ordering lunch and enjoying it on their sun-dappled picnic tables in the middle of June was bound to happen. Now I’m eager to learn more about what they’re doing, so I met with Erica DeLorenzo, catering manager for the bakery, and Caitlin Crossland, head baker extraordinaire.

Caitlin the baker. —Marnely Murray
Caitlin the baker. —Marnely Murray

Sitting in a corner of the bakery as we watched Caitlin drizzle some freshly made cookies with a sugary glaze, Erica described Caitlin’s abilities. “Caitlin is one of those rare people with functioning left and right brains. Her creativity and ability to make infinite possibilities in the baking realm are what make her treats special,” she said as Caitlin smiled under her breath and kept drizzling. She’s been baking since she was 10 years old, previously at Morning Glory Farm. Here, she creates everything — cakes, cookies, bars, sweet toaster pastries, and handheld savory pies, among other things. Of all the things I tried, her Lemon Drop Cookie surprised me the most. Typically, I’m one to go for the chocolate cookies, but the bright, tart-yet-sweet flavors in this cookie, along with how it melted in my mouth and the lemony glaze it had on top, brought it to the top of my list of best cookies ever. And when she’s not drizzling delicious glazes, she’s creating recipes and experimenting with paleo, gluten-free, and vegan baked goods: no longer trends but lifestyles. Her alternative baked goods taste as good as the traditional versions.

It seems I’ve started this article with what we tend to eat last (dessert); let’s talk about the rest of their menu.

Brazilian plate with chicken. —Marnely Murray
Brazilian plate with chicken. —Marnely Murray

Open from 6 am until 6:30 pm, the Scottish Bakehouse’s entire menu is available all day. If you want Mexican rice, beans, two fried eggs, and guacamole ($9) at 7 am, or if you’d like to indulge in an omelette with home fries ($7.99) at 6 pm, they are there to serve you. They offer an extensive menu that includes entrées, salads, soups, sides, and more; it’s easily customized to your tastes.

What truly shines is their support of local farmers such as Blackwater Farm, Mermaid Farm, Whippoorwill Farm, Pilot Hill Farm, the GOOD Farm, MV Organics, Stannard Farms, Cackleberry Farm, Cleveland Farm, and Pasture Hill, just to name a few. And during the warmer months, they have their own working garden that produces herbs, tomatoes, kale, and other produce. This allows them to include seasonal items on the menu, rotating consistently. Zephir Plume runs the garden, working hard to maintain that local flavor, and having a garden allows them to cut costs and reduce their carbon footprint. The restaurant is also big on composting, with compost buckets all around, as well as a system in place to make sure each scrap reaches its full composting potential.

Scones at the Scottish Bakehouse. —Marnely Murray
Scones at The Scottish Bakehouse. —Marnely Murray

The Scottish Bakehouse, owned and operated by Daniele Barrick for nearly 12 years, runs a catering business as well, one that serves events large and small, private or public, kid-friendly or for adults only. They offer full catering services, whether you’re looking for buffet, family-style, or plated service, as well as staff ranging from servers to bartenders to shellfish shuckers. Private chef services are also available, so it’s something to keep in mind once the busy season kicks off and you need help hosting an event. The Scottish Bakehouse catering service can handle any special dietary needs such as paleo, gluten-free, or vegan.


The Scottish Bakehouse is located on 977 State Road, Vineyard Haven, 508-693-6633, or visit and follow them on Instagram for daily updates on specials.