Three Martha’s Vineyard Property Trends to Expect in 2018

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Martha’s Vineyard is home to some of the most sought-after properties in the nation. Even those that come to the island as a tourist almost always let their curiosity guide them to a glance through the local property listings.

For some, those curious inquiries will lead to the very real possibility of owning a property on Martha’s Vineyard. For those looking to begin a property search, or those thinking of selling their home or vacation house, the market on Martha’s Vineyard is heating up, even though the weather is cooling down.

Are you considering a property on Martha’s Vineyard, but want to know about what the real estate trends and predictions are for the coming year? Wonder no more because we have all the information you need when considering a beautiful Martha’s Vineyard property.

Edgartown Properties Remain Strong

Edgartown, located on the eastern side of the island, is a charming mixture of historical nuance and some of the most beautiful natural views on the island. These two things just happen to coincide with what property seekers are looking for on Martha’s Vineyard.

Homes and vacation properties that embody the quaint historical atmosphere of the island, while maintaining a contemporary, open air about them are the types of properties that we expect to see really move this coming year. Edgartown, where we have seen the largest amount of real estate movement will remain a focal point of activity, especially for luxury properties in the South Beach areas.

Living a Fairy Tale Life in a Gingerbread Cottage

The campground cottages, also known as the famous Gingerbread Houses of Martha’s Vineyard, are enjoying a resurgence in the local property market. These candy-color trimmed, tiny homes instantly take you to a place when everything was a little simpler and a whole lot sweeter. They are the perfect anecdote to a rushed, city lifestyle.

In 2018, we see a strong push toward these styles of cottages in the real estate market. From buyers looking for the perfect summer retreat to those that are fully invested in the year round MV lifestyle, Gingerbread Cottages will be on the wish lists of many prospective buyers.

A Step Away from High End Properties

Martha’s Vineyard is renowned for its upper end, luxury properties. But, with a surge in tourism to Martha’s Vineyard has come an interest in property ownership from buyers who would have normally thought Martha’s Vineyard was out of their price range. This has caused the lower end of the housing market to become scorching hot, with properties under $750,000 gaining more interest than many luxury properties.

These lower end properties are trending so hard that if one is listed at $500,000 or below, it generally does not last more than a day before negotiations are set into place. These properties make dreams come true for buyers and bring new traffic and tourism to the island.

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