0 Below brings Thai inspired, rolled ice cream to Oak Bluffs

Cool ice cream creations are normally reserved for Instagram feeds, but now 0 Below in Oak Bluffs is serving up their own rolled ice cream masterpieces. Inspired by Thai street food, rolled ice cream is prepared on the spot by pouring liquid ice cream onto a chilled metal surface. It is then spread around by what look like metal spatulas as the base freezes. When it’s become solid, it’s spread into a thin sheet and then rolled out thin and sliced into about five pieces, which are each about the dimensions of a roll of quarters. They’re then put in a cup and heaped with toppings, ranging from whipped cream to Fruity Pebbles to Skittles.


0 Below is located at 7 Circuit Ave. Extension. Hours are 11 am to midnight. A cup of ice cream costs $8.50. For more information, give them a call at 860-997-9996.