Take a virtual tour of Cedar Tree Neck

“People love to see pictures of summer in winter. Especially when it’s cold out,” Adam Moore, executive director of Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation, said. That’s just one of the reasons the foundation is repeating its popular virtual guided walk of Cedar Tree Neck Sanctuary this Saturday, Jan. 28, at the West Tisbury library.

The multimedia presentation will include a photo and video “tour” of all the sanctuary trails, as well as history and biology presentations on changes in the landscape, flora, and fauna, over the years and throughout four seasons.

Cedar Tree Neck is one of Sheriff’s Meadow’s oldest and largest properties — the 400-acre preserve is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. “The virtual tour will explore the growth and history over time from its beginning in the early ’60s,” Mr. Moore said. “It will walk you through the property as if you were walking the trails.”

Photographs for the virtual tour were provided by Sheriff’s Meadow staff, Stephen Chapman, and Vineyard Colors. Dan Martino of Martha’s Vineyard Productions was hired to compile drone footage of the sanctuary and its trails.

Sunset over the Cedar Tree Neck shoreline. —Stephen Chapman
Sunset over the Cedar Tree Neck shoreline. —Stephen Chapman

Mr. Moore, who holds a master of forestry degree from the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and has served as the executive director of Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation since 2008, will be the principal tour guide. He will be joined by Kristen Fauteux, the director of stewardship overseeing all Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation properties, and an expert on ecological restoration, environmental sciences, and botany. Ms. Fauteux used historical information, including deeds to the property, to examine changes in the land over many years. “Kristen has a lot to share, including history, botany, and information on rare species,” Mr. Moore said. She has also prepared a sequence of maps, which show the sanctuary’s growth over time.

“It’s a nice introduction to the sanctuary for those who haven’t been there. If you have been there, it’s a nice way to learn more about it. You might find a new trail, or learn new things that make you want to go back.”

Mr. Moore said the virtual tour is also a great tool to make Cedar Tree accessible to those who can’t get out and visit on their own. “It’s a way to bring the sanctuary to them,” he said.

Sheriff’s Meadow first presented the virtual guided walk in the summer of 2016. It was so popular, and the staff so enjoyed preparing it, that they decided to put together virtual tours of other Sheriff’s Meadow properties.

Next on the list is Caroline Tuthill Preserve, which debuts at the Edgartown library on July 27.

“We hope to come up with a series we can repeat every winter,” Mr. Moore said. “If any member of the public has photos he or she wishes to share, send it to us. We always need lots of nice photos of our land, so we love the help of the public.”

With the talented pool of photographers and naturalists on Martha’s Vineyard, Sheriff’s Meadow should have plenty of hands on deck.


Virtual guided walk of Cedar Tree Neck Sanctuary: Saturday, Jan. 28, from 3 to 5 pm at the West Tisbury library, and Saturday, March 11, from 2 to 4 pm at the Oak Bluffs library. Both sessions will be followed by a Q and A. For more information, visit sheriffsmeadow.org.