Woods Hole’s Pie in the Sky will close December 15 for renovations

Pie in the Sky has been open since 1982. — Courtesy Pie in the Sky

Ferry-goers mark your calendars: December 14 is the last day Pie in the Sky Bakery and Cafe in Woods Hole will be open before it closes its doors for renovations. In a press release, owner Erik Gura said that they plan to reopen well before the summer season begins, with a completion date set around the middle of March.

Falmouth issued the final necessary permits on November 23 for Pie in the Sky, allowing construction to commence on December 15.  

Pie in the Sky will close for renovations over the winter. –Courtesy Pie in the Sky
Pie in the Sky will close for renovations over the winter. –Courtesy Pie in the Sky

The plan is to tear down the building, dig a basement (which the current building does not have), and then build an entirely new structure — one with climate control and the addition of a public restroom.

The cafe opened its doors in 1982. Mr. Gura, who bought Pie in the Sky in 2002, said the atmosphere will remain unchanged. The well worn furniture, the coffee roaster, and the little wood stove will go back to where customers expect them to be. In an email, Mr. Gura told The Times he plans to have the same menu and even the same sign boards.

“Folks have 35 years of fond memories and I don’t want to change that,” Mr. Gura said on Monday.

They plan to add rooftop storage for machinery and use any remaining space for gardens to help grow food.

“The overall Pie experience should be the same as folks know it to be, just with a mid-life re-fit,” he said in the press release.

Mr. Gura said the renovations will allow Pie in the Sky to continue to be a part of the community for many more years to come. And just in case you need a fix over the long winter, here’s a link to their popover recipe.


This article by Cameron Machell originally appeared on mvtimes.com.