Warm up with comfort food at the Newes

Three Cheese Mac and Cheese from the Newes. —Marnely Murray

There are few situations more enjoyable than sitting by the fireplace at the Newes from America Pub enjoying their ever-so-popular (and quite consistent) French Onion Soup. It’s one restaurant dish that has never faltered, never changed — and that consistency is what keeps the restaurant’s regulars coming. 

We’re embracing the season and diving into comfort foods, because long gone are the salad-eating, gazpacho-sipping days. Instinctively, our bodies turn to foods that warm us from the inside out. And while the weather outside will get frightful, the food at this local Edgartown spot is delightful. Maybe craving high-calorie, high-carbohydrate foods is a remnant of past days when we needed to build a layer of fat to protect us from the elements, or maybe it’s just as simple as feeling cold = needing to get warm. And for those days and nights when the weather gets the best of us, stopping by the Newes is just what the body needs. 

Start with the French Onion Soup ($9), and you won’t be disappointed. The light yet richly flavored broth with onions that have been cooked down to almost a candy-like consistency is topped with three types of cheeses, perfectly melted. The bread is both classically down underneath the cheese to soak up the flavors, as well as a side of garlic toast — because who ever complained there was “too much bread”? No one, my friends, no one. They also have a daily soup special that rotates to whatever is seasonal. I’ve had plenty of soups at the Newes Pub, and can attest that they are all delicious. Tasting a restaurant’s soup is a simple and inexpensive way to judge the quality of the establishment. If you can’t make a good soup, I’m not spending money on the steak. When a culinary team takes the time and effort to build flavors and textures in the lowest-priced menu item, it says a lot to me. 

Currently, there are two pasta dishes I swoon over here: the Tagliatelle Bolognese ($16) and the Three Cheese Mac & Cheese ($16). If you’re a carb lover, get yourself here and give them a taste. The Bolognese is a fragrant, rich meat sauce served over al dente pasta. Twirl that tagliatelle around your fork and delight in its flavors. Pair it with a glass of wine, or even better, with a glass of the Steel Rail Extra Pale Ale ($7 for short or $10 for tall). The pale ale cuts through the acidity of the tomato, and with a hint of sweetness, highlights the sweet notes of the long-simmered sauce. It’s good to note that both dishes can be made gluten-free when requested. 

Steel Rail Extra Pale Ale from the Newes. —Marnely Murray
A fall inspired cocktail from the Newes. —Marnely Murray

Now for the Three Cheese Mac & Cheese. What is it about macaroni and cheese that just hits the spot? Honestly, there are days when the thought creeps into my head and I cannot shake it until I make a pot of the creamy recipe. But when the desire to cook is not around, head here and give their recipe a try. It’s a Mornay sauce: a classic white sauce enhanced with the addition of cheese and served with crisped-up linguica. For $7 you can add lobster to the dish, and by all means, treat yourself. Pair this with Offshore Ale’s Nut Brown Ale ($7 for short or $10 for tall). The nutty, caramel notes balance the spicy sausage quite well. It’s a rich dish, and perfect for sharing if you’re not starving. 

If you’re craving something else, try one of their off-season daily specials: 

  • Monday: $16 Meatloaf with Mushroom Gravy, Mashed Potatoes, and Vegetables
  • Tuesday $16 Lasagna with Mixed Green Salad and Garlic Toast
  • Wednesday: $16 Chicken Pot Pie with Caesar Salad and Garlic Toast
  • Thursday: $15 Beef and Bean Chili with cheese, sour cream, and cornbread
  • Friday: $24 Fisherman’s Stew
  • Saturday: $20 Prime Rib au Jus with Potatoes and Vegetables

This article by Marnely Murray originally appeared on mvtimes.com.