Beetlebung Farm Meat

Beetlebung Beef Farm welcomes visitors at the West Tisbury Farmers Market.

Photo by Valerie Sonnenthal


22 Cournoyer Way, West Tisbury 02575


Phone: 508-645-2877

Products include

Beef, lamb, pork, sheepskins and cookbooks

Sales locations

Beetlebung Tree Care office, Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm, year-round. Also sold at Beetlebung Farm.

West Tisbury Farmers Market, summer, Saturdays as an alternate


The 5-acre parcel that comprises Beetlebung Farm isn’t the only place Beetlebung Farm Meat can be purchased. Josh and Lindsey Scott run the animal portion of Beetlebung Farm, leaving vegetable growing to cousin and chef, Chris Fischer. Their organic (non-certified), grass-fed beef, lamb and pork can be found at the Beetlebung Farm on Middle Road, at the Beetlebung Tree Care office across form Up-Island Cronigs, and at the West Tisbury Farmer’s Market.


Beetlebung Farm Meat, owned by Josh and Lindsey Scott is the animal portion of Beetlebung Farm, a long-standing family farm founded by Albert Ozzie Fischer in 1961. Ozzie originally raised cows and grew vegetables and flowers, which he sold at a farm stand at Beetlebung Corner in Chilmark. Today, cousin and chef Chris Fischer continues in his grandfather’s tradition of growing seasonal produce. Josh and Lindsey run the animal-raising part of the farm. The Scott family proudly raises healthy, organic (non-certified), grass-fed beef, lamb, and pork.

Further Information

Farm tours by appointment year round


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