Wedding: Rahmale and Lindsay Hopkins


Rahmale and Lindsay (Smith) married on October 19, 2013, at Hooked Restaurant in Oak Bluffs.

They were high school sweethearts, both growing up on Martha’s Vineyard, Rahmale growing up in Oak Bluffs and Lindsay in Vineyard Haven.

Rahmale and Lindsay’s vendors:

Food: Hooked

Cake: Val Cakes

Music: DJ Sean Ogden

Flowers: Mia Rebello

Photography: LA Brown Photography

Favors: Martha’s Vineyard Glassworks

Rehearsal dinner: Ocean View Restaurant, Lindsay’s family’s restaurant


Q&A with the Bride

What is one piece of advice you’d give your friends who are planning a wedding on Martha’s Vineyard?

Don’t be afraid to stick to your plan. Martha’s Vineyard has so many beautiful areas to host a wedding and many people will suggest their ideas of the best place. It’s difficult to make everyone happy, but it’s your memory and one that you’ll remember forever, the good and the bad. Also, just because you are getting married on M.V. doesn’t mean you have to spend your life savings. Doing things on a budget is possible. Don’t be afraid to ask for help from other locals. M.V. is a wonderful community and people are almost always willing to help, especially for a wedding.

What was your worst Bridezilla moment?

The day of your wedding, designate a “person in charge.” It would surprise you how many people will come to the bride and groom when things are lost or not completely organized. I almost had a moment of running through the restaurant in my wedding dress to find things that were missing but I took a deep breath and brushed it off.

Is there anything you regret splurging on?

We didn’t really splurge on much. The things that we splurged on were the things that were most important to us.

Is there anything you think you spent too much money or time on?

Not particularly. I took the whole month of October off to be able to relax and really devote my time to the wedding. I had a huge support system from my family and friends that helped make everything come together. I had a vision that I wanted for the wedding day so there wasn’t anything that we didn’t want there.

What was your favorite part of the big day?

Besides becoming Mrs. Hopkins after waiting 10 years, I think it was the flying lanterns that groomsman Brian Hall gave to us as a wedding gift. It gave a chance for everyone at the wedding to come together and help light them up into the air… It was a lot of fun and it was great watching everyone working together.